15x-21x 158 210 3600pcs/h 6000pcs/h 2021 New Solar Cell No-Water Non-Destructive Laser Cutting Machine



Solar cell Non-Destructive laser cutting machine is with lower power, lower temperature, and water-free dicing, and also has higher bending strength, better electrical performance, and no secondary pollution or water-caused micro-broken after cutting.

15x-21x 158 210 3600pcs/h 6000pcs/h 2021 New Solar Cell No-Water Non-Destructive Laser Cutting Machine

Machine Function

Solar Cell Non-Destructive Laser Cutting Machine cuts solar cell into half piece or 1/3 piece,which can increase the output of the solar panel power.

Technical Parameter



Technical index


Equipment performance

Applicable solar cells

Cell Type

Bifacial Mono Solar size:156-220mm

Half Cut

reserve the space to update 1/3 1/4 ; less than half hour to switch different sizes solar cells

Cell thickness


Maximum thickness deviation of one batch of cells <20μm

Cell Grid line layout

The cutting area of both the front or back side of the cells, must have blank area with width ≥1.5mm

(no thick or thin silver grid line)

Cell warpage


A, B grade cell

Maximum capacity


3600pcs/h (full cell)

calculate as 166 perc solar cell

Maximum capacity


7000pcs/h (full cell)

Equipment utilization


failure rate ≤1%

Fragmentation rate


Including fragments, missing corners, chipped edges and other poor appearance

Equipment operation

Touch screen + regular operation buttons + external wireless keyboard and mouse

Process index

Heat affected zone


Comprehensive cutting accuracy

Centering accuracy ±0.05mm

Laser index

Slotting laser



Splitting laser


Behring (Delphilaser own brand)

Laser wavelength


cooling method

Natural cooling

Laser lifetime

30,000 hours

Laser protection

Level 4 safety protection

Safety light curtains + optical sealed box +Safety door+ Protective glasses



High resolution industrial camera

20 million pixels, positioning accuracy ≤±0.05mm

Camera light source

Upper light source + lower backlight

Loading detect

Detect the cell chipped edge corner chip

Take away NG cells

Unloading detect optional

The chipped edges , corner chip, offset of cutting line

Automatic process

automatic loading


8 feeding boxes,

120 Cells/ boxes

Automatic unloading

Belt + manipulator

Standard unloading box

Splitting ways


Automatic split


MES window

Reserve MES window

Support multiple data output

Detail picture

Thermal Laser Separation

Solar Cell Non-Destructive Laser Cutting Machine

Solar cell laser cutting machine

About US

Ooitech, One-stop solution for solar module making machine. Has the following required machinery and accessories 

solar module making machine

Ooitech “Turnkey Solution” Includes: Factory Construction, Facility Layout, Raw Materials BOM guidance, Production Procedure assistance, Solar Power Station installation technical support Etc. 

Ooitech focus on:

Supply 10MW-500MW Solar Module Making Machine

Update the traditional PV line to newest MBB solar panel production line.

Main machinery

Solar Cell Tabber Stringer Machine

Automatic Solder Bussing Machine

Automatic Laminator

High Speed Automatic Layup Station

Automatic Framing Machine

Electroluminescence Test

Solar Simulator Or IV Tester

Solar Cell Laser Cutting Machine

Solar Ribbon Cutting Machine

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New Solar Cell cutting machine

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