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Open Solar Factory Cheaper? Solar Panel Production Line,Process Assembly Line,making and manufacturing machines with best price. Ooi photoelectric Technology Co., ltd is a professional high technology enterprises for solar and laser industry application equipment research, development, production and selling. Our main products are solar panel production lines, solar panel making machines, and laser industrial process machines. The products are exported to Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, India and other countries. And provide the laser applications’ complete solution for many enterprise.  "European standards, stand in China" is the Ooi photoelectric Technology Co.,ltd’s core values.We are not only a professional provider for laser equipment production, and technical service, but also the social welfare undertakings active practitioner."The wealth from the community, and ultimately return to this community, Ooi photoelectric Technology Co.,ltd willing to become a socially responsible brand-name companies.  Each piece of equipment must be reliable, qual...

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