Solar Panel Manufacturing Equipment Solar Panel Manufacturing Plant Solar Module Assembly Line



solar panel manufacturing equipment,solar panel manufacturing plant, solar module assembly line

Solar Panel Manufacturing Equipment  Solar Panel Manufacturing Plant  Solar Module Assembly Line

Main Machines of Solar Panel Manufacturing Equipment  Solar Panel Manufacturing Plant  Solar Module Assembly Line

· Solar Cell Laser Cutting Machine (no water no destructive)

· Automatic Solar  Stringer Machine

· Automatic Solar Cell String Lay Up Machine

· Automatic Solar Cell String Bussing Machine

· Automatic Solar Panel EL Defect Tester with Visual Inspecting Function

· Automatic Solar Panel Laminator

· Automatic Solar Panel Framing Machine

· Automatic Solar Panel IV Tester

Factory Layout Drawing:

solar panel manufacturing equipment

solar panel manufacturing plant

Function & Picture of Main Machines:

· Solar Cell Tester


Use to test the electrical performance of Mono-Si or Poly-Si solar cell pieces and record the results in files.


solar cell testerSolar Cell Tester and Sorter

· Solar Cell Laser Cutting Machine (no water no destructive)


No water no destructive solar cell laser cutting machine called NDC cuts solar cell into half piece or 1/3 piecewhich can increase the output of the solar panel power.

NDC is with lower power, lower temperature, and water-free dicing, and also has higher bending strength, better electrical performance, and no secondary pollution or water-caused micro-broken after cutting.


Solar Cell Laser Cutting MachineSolar Cell Cutting Machine

· Automatic Solar  Stringer Machine


 Automatic stringer is to weld the solar cells one by one through copper ribbon, and the cells are connected in series to form a string. The entire welding process is fully automated.


MBB stringersolar stringer machine price

· Automatic Solar Cell String Lay Up Machine


Achieving solar string automatic laying on glass EVA, and transporting module to the next process


solar cell string lay up machinecell string lay-up machine

· Automatic Solar Cell String Bussing Machine


Adopt the method of separating the cell string from the glass, and grab the cell string in the air, then to interconnected solder the head, middle and tail bus bar of the middle wire edition module at a certain height; It has the function of a roll feeding bus bar, bending U and L leads upwards.


Solar Panel Bussing MachinePV Module Soldering Bussing Machine

· Automatic Solar Panel EL Defect Tester with Visual Inspecting Function


Used in testing the solar cell crack,breakage, black spot,mixed wafers,process defect,cold solder joint phenomenon.


Solar Panel EL Defect TesterSolar Module EL Tester

· Automatic Solar Panel Laminator


Solar panel laminator is a mechanical device that presses multiple layers of materials together.


solar panel laminatorsolar panel laminating machine

· Automatic Solar Panel Framing Machine


Automatic gluing & framing machine is used to install the aluminum frame and automatically overflow glue.


Automatic framing machineAutomatic gluing & framing machine

· Automatic Solar Panel IV Tester


Automatic solar panel IV tester is used to test the electric performance of Mono-Si or Poly-Si solar modules and record the results in files .


 solar panel IV testerSun Solar Simulator

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