solar panel making process solar panel making machines



the solar panel assembling plant should have a production capacity of 5 MW/year considering 80% uptime and single shift of operation.

Wuhan Ooitech Solar Panel Manufacturing Machines


Install/Training/Raw Material BOM/Solar Panel Layout Drawing/Factory layout


1MW 5MW 10MW 20MW 50MW 100MW

Semiautomatic FullautomaticSolar Panel Manufacturing Machines Auxiliary

                                                      -Semiautomatic Full Automatic Laminator

                                                      -Solar Cell Laser Scribing Machine

                                                      -Solar Cell Tester & Solar Panel tester

                                                      -Electroluminescence EL Defect Tester

                                                      -Solar Panel Framming Machine





- Main Equipment for Solar Panel Manufacturing

1)Solar Panel Laminator

-Machine Function: use to bond multiple layers of materials (EVA, Glass, Backsheet, Solar cell) together 

 by heating vacuum in laminator chamber.


2)Solar Cell Tester & Soar Panel Tester

 - Machine Function: Use to test the electric performance of Mono-Si or Poly-Si solar cell , solar Panels and record the results in files.

  - Machine Picture

3)Solar Cell Laser Cutting Machine

  - Machine Function: Use to Cutting or Scribing crystalline solar cell into small piece.


5) Electroluminescence EL Defect Tester

  - Machine Function: Identifying micro-cracks,broken finger wires and other invisible

defects in solar modules

6) Solar Panel Framming Machine

   - Machine Function: Complete component frame

   - Machine Picture

-Machine Real Picture

-Accessary Needed In Solar Panel Production Line

1) Manual Welding Station

2) Inspection Station

3) Lay UP Station

4) EVA/TPT Cutting Station

-Transport Carrier used in Solar Panel Production Line

1.Solar Module Carrier

2.Ready material Carrier

3.String Cell Carrier

4.EVATPT Carrier

-Main Raw Material in Solar Panel Production Line

-Patterned Tempered glass 

-Solar Cell



-Aluminum Frame


-Interconnected Solder Strip

-Bus-bar Solder Strip

-Soldering Flux

-Junction box

-High temperature tape

-Solar Panel Produciton Flow Chart-  OOITECH


Packaging & Shipping

-Factory Layout---OOITECH

-Delivery Time

5~20 working days after receiving buyers payment.

-Service Included

-Process training: Before the delivery, we could arrange customer visit some china local solar panel production line.
-Preparation of the lay-out;
-Support for purchasing the raw material; 

-Support for the solar module layout drawing.
-Free installation for 5~7 Days overseas, but all

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